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paris volcan


The series captures the unpredictability of a spontaneous explosion, in motion. It demonstrates the encounter of singularities and perspectives, focusing on two different cultures, as an organic process.


Coming from a socio-cultural context in which distances are not shortened, and borders are not crossed; the iconic streets of Paris, and their influence on Western culture, become dark and violent in the light of a Salvadorian eye. It is then that differences emerge: the heritage of European-aesthetic schools, superimposed on the idiosyncratic baggage of San Salvador, a city that cries on the foot-hill of a volcano.

This non-linear series draws previously isolated variables, and an emerging paradox. These contradictions hold the duality of human beings, this time in the confirmation that identity is placed in the simultaneous encounter of two cities.

The foreign perspective emphasizes the fragments of a Parisian reality that is overlooked, extracting from this urban landscape those elements that contrast and echoes in San Salvador, a city that cries social violence even after the civil war.


Putting on the spotlight a dream-like Paris VS Central American nightmares and the power that security grants to be able -for once- to position oneself as an executioner and not as a victim.


A unique observation that leads to an understanding, to be aware of different realities that live on the canvas of urban landscapes. 


The results of discovering the foreign truth of two cities, is a necessary shock to appreciate all dimensions of reality.

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