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checking you out



words by patricia trigueros: 

"betrayal of the eyes"

Meeting points, where identities are intertwined, where they produce reactions: the contact stimulates, stimuli is activated; we empty fragments of our being before other gazes. Sometimes we calculate how much we show, the clothes and the beauty rituals in the service of the subconscious. The layers of our construction are the first thing we touch.


Levels are overlapped in the changing exchanges. Below [of everything], our projections interrupt and cloud the perspective, for are we in front of someone else or in front of a reflection of ourselves? Don't worry, you can learn about yourself through others, too. 

It's all about learning how to look.

Your emotions fluctuate as they oscillate between looking at me, looking closely, and not finding an endpoint.


Reality doesn't exist, but there are so many of them that it can only enrich the vision - of what can be, the perspective of what was, and the focus of what we want to be. 

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